Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Number 96: Where are they now..?

Ever wondered what happened to the cast members of Number 96?

Following from a recent reunion of cast members from The Young Doctors (1976-83), this week's episode of Seven's Where Are They Now? features a reunion of former cast members of the saucy 1970s soap that was a ratings giant.

Sadly, favourites like Ron Shand and Pat McDonald (pictured) are no longer with us, but it will be interesting if Seven concedes to feature possibly the only 96 cast member to still have a prime-time role on television, Tom Oliver from rival Network Ten's Neighbours.

Where Are They Now?, Sunday night at 6.30pm on Seven*

* Seven Melbourne. Other areas check local guides/affiliates


Therin of Andor said...

Re Tom Oliver:

There's only so many people you can crowd around that reunion couch. In fact, Tom Oliver has discussed "Number 96" in some detail on shows such as "Burke's Backyard". (I even helped them select the footage.) He discussed how he often feels that Lou Carpenter and Jack Sellars are the same character, at different stages of their lives. Same dirty laugh, too.

But a few years ago, Tom Oliver was invited to be a different TV gathering, and not on Network Ten, and he surprised the researchers by declining. He wasn't pressured by Ten; he simply felt he was "all talked out" on "Number 96".

Similarly, when the "96" movie was doing midnight screenings in Melbourne about twelve years ago, Tom Oliver was invited to launch them, but declined. The previous month he'd happily launched a revival - at the same theatre - of "ABBA: The Movie". They replaced him with a local drag queen!

TelevisionAU said...

Thanks for clearing that up :) Cheers!